Best Online Art Stores to Shop on a Budget

There are so many good art stores in the Internet that finding quality but affordable pieces of art is not a problem these days. Buying art online has really become easier, plus you can access great works by unknown artists as well as nice prints of famous painting. So make a cup of your favorite coffee and start searching.


Society 6

This site provides a great platform that enables artists to demonstrate and sell their works. The online store features a number of unique, off-beat and interesting prints. In addition, there are also printed canvases, framed prints, wall tapestries, and a variety of other products.

There you will find inexpensive prints of pieces by world famous artists like Picasso, Gauguin, and others.


This online resource offers a great selection of prints from independent artists. It should be noted that all the prints available on the site can be ordered in a variety of sizes, ranging from 7 x 5 to 54 x 40.

Tiny Showcase

Make sure you check out Tiny Showcase every Tuesday for a new limited edition print of a work by an independent artist. Most prints are sized to fit an 11 x 14 frame or even smaller, and the prices are quite affordable.ebecca


A group of professionals that includes both established and less known artists work to create limited-edition prints exclusively for this site. Each print can be ordered in a variety of sizes, and the smallest ones cost just $24.

Deviant Art

Not only is Deviant Art an excellent resource for creators, but it is also an online store that offers great prints for sale. The prints available there are mostly in fantastic and the surreal styles, and customers are sure to love their prices: for instance, a 12 x 18 framed print costs around $50.

Urban Outfitters

While Urban Outfitters is not considered a classic art store they are still a good place to check out when looking for pieces of art. Recently they've added a nice collection of prints, available in various sizes up to 40x60.



At ETSY you can find lots of inexpensive, original art. It should be noted that this store works directly with the artists so the prices charged are quite affordable.


This art site is very convenient to browse and search due to the useful feature that enables the user to sort by price. You can find some good options for less than $500.

Saatchi Art

Shopping at Saatchi Art is easy as you can select your style and then sort pieces of fine art by price. This online source has a number of affordable items along with nice prints. Some prints cost under $100.


This site will provide you access to art from the whole globe. The store enables the customer to purchase directly from artists so you can find some good options for around $500.